Master's of Dental Administration

Front Desk 101

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This course is designed for the student with no knowledge of dentistry or dental administration that has recently begun- or wants to begin- a career in dental administration. It contains 4 sections to get you started. The learner should expect a minimum of 15 hours to dedicate to the work and can pace themselves however they feel fits their work/life schedule. The most successful learners will complete 1 section per week and aim to practice the specific lessons they've learned throughout their day. Repetition is the mother of mastery! Practice, practice, practice!

Not a novice? This course is made for you, too! Some of the information will be known to you, but there is likely to be at least 1 tip, trick, or reminder for you in each lesson. It may be as simple as the joy of sitting down to dedicate time to your own growth and skill set. That's something we Dental Administrators rarely do! Often we aren't supported to do so, and there are little to no options designed specifically for us. That's why I created this school and this course. You are WORTH it. Worth the time, the investment, and the challenge of improving yourself and taking pride in the really good work you do every day. I'm so excited to walk you through this time and be a partner on the path.

Your Instructor

Ada Harris
Ada Harris

Ada Harris is a dental practice management consultant and founder of Ada Harris Coaching a consulting firm based in Boise, ID that partners with dental practice owners to manage and grow their businesses more effectively through the use of proven leadership strategies and superior team training.

Harris is a dynamic coach with a bias toward action. She has spent nearly 20 years in the dental field. She began as a dental assistant after a life-changing trip to Costa Rica at 19 years old where she discovered the power dentistry had to change lives. She assisted in various practices from Oral Surgery to Orthodontics and everything between all around the greater Seattle area for the first few years but knew her gifting lay in the administrative avenue. Due to lack of resources for training, she had a challenging entrance into front office excellence but patched together as many resources as she could to get herself trained. She then moved to Boise, ID where she was asked to manage an aging doctor's declining practice. A challenge she relished. After years of experimentation, failures, and finally success she realized that she needed to share this information with her dental community so no other professional needed to struggle as she had to become the best at what they do.

Harris obtained her Bachelors of Applied Science from Boise State University with Certificates in Business Leadership and Conflict Management. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning, also from Boise State University where she is an adjunct professor teaching Conflict Management. She was the keynote speaker at the Idaho State Dental Association's South West Idaho Dental Society meeting where she delivered her speech entitled: "Your Front Office Team, and Your Bottom Line".

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